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We conduct BSL workshops once a month starting from 1st Oct 2014 .  These workshops will cover level 1 and level 2.  All aspects of BSL covered including:  Alphabet, handshapes, NMF, Linguistics and much more.

Everyone is welcome to join, but the start time is strict to avoid interruptions. 

Sessions can be tailor made to accommodate students taking exams.

Start time: 

 A joint session where students can practice, share and learn with each other 

With a tutor to help along the way

7.30 - 8.30pm

Cost:  £3.00

Please note anyone arriving 10 minutes after start time will not be able to join

Any questions or queries please contact kirstiandtom@aol.com 

If you are not already on a course through your Adult Education evening classes or school/college and want to learn basic BSL signs and phrases, we also offer 1-to-1 learning of basic BSL in your home.

A small charge is made, plus petrol/travel expenses and our lipreading Deaf Committee member Jacqui Hart will come to your home and offer hour long sessions for basic greetings, signs and phrases – this would be purely as a precursor to any official course you may wish to go on to.  

Alternatively, please come along to the Club on BSL workshop nights and see Jacqui Hart for a “taster” session of BSL, at a cost of £3 per hour. 

We know of many under 16’s who want to learn this beautiful language but because of their age, cannot be accepted on Adult Education Classes. So a safe environment for learning would be in their own home, with parents and family nearby or come along to the “taster” sessions (if under 16 years, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult) 

If you are interested, please contact Jacqui direct on jacqui590@btinternet.com for more details and booking

Please be aware if appointment cancelled within 24 hours, a charge of £5 will be made. If two consecutive appointments are cancelled we will withdraw from home teaching you.